Women’s silent protest against violence

4With signs reading “Put an End to Violence against Women”, “I Don’t Accept Violence”, “I Don’t Want to Live in Fear”, “Our Strength Lies in Lack of Violence” and “I Wasn’t Born because I was a Girl”, women dressed in black gathered and held a protest at Charles Aznavour Square in Yerevan. The signs laid on the ground told stories about assaults and tortures against women. The action was held silently and only member of “Society without Violence” NGO Anna Nikoghosyan had the right to speak. She told “A1+” that the goal of the action was to fight against violence and raise public awareness about violence. According to the only speaker, surveys in 2010-2011 have shown that there are four times more assaults in the provinces than in Yerevan. “However, psychological pressures are common in the provinces and Yerevan. It’s just that not everyone is aware of that,” Anna Nikoghosyan said. She says abortions based on gender is a huge issue. “Every time a woman gets pregnant, she is told to abort the child, if it is a girl and console her by saying that the next one will be a boy.” The action was held on the sidelines of the 16-day international action for Prevention of Violence against Women. http://www.a1plus.am/en/politics/2011/12/03/woman

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