Women and Peace Building: Civic Forum in Vanadzor

482843_431258003616829_2054448378_n(1)On February 26 and 27 the city Vanadzor in the heart of picturesque Lori region hosted “Society without Violence” NGO to hold a civic forum in the frames of ”Women in Black” movement in Armenia  for  young women and girls on peace building and women integration in conflict resolution processes. The two-day civic forum took place in Vanadzor State Pedagogical Institute. More than 25 young women participated in the civic forum ready to learn more about women’s potential role in peace-building and conflict resolution, as well as to gain knowledge about Women in Black movement as a symbol of non-violent struggle of women for peace. During the first day of the forum SWV trainers shortly introduced the organization, got acquainted with the participants in a funny and original way thus breaking the ice just in the beginning of the training. The participants characterized the Armenian women and tried to highlight the potential of a woman as a peace builder. The young women turned to have quite a traditional concept of an Armenian women, thus the trainers tried to show the other side of a woman-strong, conscious of her rights and responsibilities, and certainly with leadership potential. Further, the participants learned about worldwide famous “Women in Black” movement, its history, the Armenian Women in Black movement, its members and activities. Young ladies were very enthusiastic about what they’re learning. They were actively discussing and asking questions obviously interested in the topic.The work being done by Women in Black Armenian team and the idea of being a part of a huge international movement was really inspiring and motivating. The second day of the forum was devoted to the evaluation of the first day and project planning.  The participants were explained what a successful project means and obtained tools for managing an effective street action in Vanadzor.  They formed groups and came out with ideas about the upcoming street action. Each of the groups presented their project afterwards the best one was chosen to be implemented on March 8 in Vanadzor.  The participants used the knowledge gained during the training to plan the preparation process and divide responsibilities for successful project management. As a final step of the training the participants learn the Women in Black flash mob dance. This was a joyful and funny end of a very productive two-day Wcivic forum in Vanadzor, as an outcome of which we are going to have a street action on March 8 in Vanadzor organized by the training participants.

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