Participation in the “Women in Black” International Gathering in Bangalore, India

12219571_847777555334919_8840962706033650850_nThree representatives of “Women in Black”, Armenian Initiative Arusik, Rimma and Anush had a chance to participate in the WIB International gathering, which took place in Bangalore, India from November 15 to 19, 2015. The Armenian delegation upheld sessions on the impact of war on women in the region, as well as on the WIB Armenia movement itself during the international meeting. They also took part in the World Court of Women Against War, For Peace, which aimed at giving voices to women from all parts of the world by providing testimonies to the Court.  WIB Armenia members brought their testimony to the Court, speaking of the effects of war and conflict in our country, in the language of suffusing and on behalf of all women affected by it.

This was a huge experience for the Armenian delegation, because they made a lot of acquaintances with a lot of activists there, who are like living legends in the sphere of feminism. So this was a huge source of inspiration, experience and knowledge for the Armenian delegation and then also for the members of 12301771_851464721632869_7316535335650891058_nthe whole group of “Women in Black”, Armenian Initiative, who were updated about all the details of the conference when the girls returned from India.

And it’s important to mention the fact that Armenian delegation also participated in the vigil of the “Women in Black” International Peace Movement against War. We were delighted to find the pictures of vigil participants from Armenia appeared in the prominent Indian media agency.


You can see the photos of the conference here.


Arusik Ohanyan
“Women in Black”, Armenian Initiative

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