Women in Black International Sets up a New Agenda for Common Goals!

Web-1XVI International Congress of Women in Black took place in Montevideo from August 19-24. Over sixty delegates coming from  Argentina, Armenia, Belgium, Chile, Congo, India, Israel, Italy, Guatemala, Great Britain, Palestine, Serbia, Spain, United States and Uruguay  gathered to promote the actions of Women in Black groups against war, to set up a  new agenda for the upcoming joint work throughout the world for peace and women security. Society without Violence NGO representative was there to present Women in Black Armenia and its activities.

The five days of Congress were full of interesting presentations about different Women in Black groups operating in diverse conditions and cultural backgrounds. Hearty discussions, seminars and workshops came next.  During this short period the Congress tried to cover all themes concerning women and their rights from all over the world (such as Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights for women around the world, impunity, dictatorship, civil wars, and many others) and at the same time highlights the need for women participation in peace building processes.

During its presentation Armenian Women in Black touched upon a very sensitive issue about the possible enlargement of the movement and youth integration into it. The facts that the average age of women involved in the movement is above 50, so the movement really needs new start-up with younger generation. Armenian Women in Black presented their work on the given topic, made some suggestions on how to recruit new generation into the movement and finally shared with the participants the WIB Armenia flash mob video.

On the last day of Women in Black International Congress the participants came out with Resolution that clearly indicates the values of Women in Black and highlights the vision of joint work for the upcoming period.


International Network of Women in Black (WIB) is an international network of women who are anti-military, feminist, and pacifists, and who advocate for a world where there are no wars or violence of any sort. The organization was begun in 1988 through an initiative of Israeli Jewish women, who came together to accomplish actions against the war that was being carried out by their government against the people of Palestine, choosing to dress in black – the color of mourning –, to remain silent with placards and posters in the shape of a hand that would speak for them. WIB denounce the shared responsibility of developed countries in all kinds of wars.

Women in Black  Armenia

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