“Women in Black” already in Yeghvard: SWV Civic Forums in Yeghvard

Yegvard actionSWV continues its civic forums in the regions of Armenia in the frames of “Women in Black” movement the aim of which is to integrate more girls and women in the peace-building and conflict resolution using women potential and improving their role in the society.

This time SWV went to Yeghvard to hold forums for young girls on April 3 and 4. Civic forums took place in the hospitable office of Yeghvard Youth and Environmental NGO. More than 20 young girls had a chance to look at the women role in the society from a different prospective.

The structure of the forum gave the participants an opportunity to get to know each other, to surpass the light embarrassment of the starting moments and integrate into the process. As planned, on the first day of the forum the participants discussed the role of the Armenian women in the Armenian society highlighting the stereotypical approaches in the society. The trainer first introduced what peace is, then the topic passed to the conflicts and ended up by the role a woman might have in conflict resolution and as a peace-builder. As a vivid example of woman-peace-builders’ movement and of non-violent struggle the trainer spoke of world-wide known Women in Black movement.

Further, the participants learned about the history of “Women in Black” movement, also about the Armenian Women in Black movement, its members and activities.

The topic was very interesting and motivating so the participants were not only listening but also taking part in interactive discussions, debates and group works.

The second day of the forum was devoted to the repetition of the first day material and to its practical implementation. The participants learned how to plan a project and started to work in groups for developing a project plan aimed at the improvement of women’s role in the society and women integration in the peace-building processes and conflict resolution. The best option was chosen by voting and the participants shared the obligations for preparation.

As a conclusion of the training the participants learn the Women in Black flash mob dance. This was a joyful and funny end of the two-day productive civic forum in Yeghvard. The best proof of the efficiency of the forums will be the upcoming joint street action in Yeghvard as an outcome of the civic forums.




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