WiB Armenia Strategy Plan

WIB Armenia Strategy Plan

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The vision of Women in Black of Armenia is to have a society where the rule of law and human rights are prevailed, where conflicts are settled down in peaceful ways, women are actively engaged in state and social procedures and where there is no place for violence.


The mission of Women in Black of Armenia is to spread peace ideology, to teach young women and direct them to the democratic values in Armenia, involve women in civic and institutional initiatives as well as in peace building procedures of all levels.


•        Participatory equality

•        Non-violent struggle

•        Antimilitarism

•        Democracy

•        Devotion


  • To strengthen the Women in Black Armenia group with involving more new members from Yerevan and from regions of Armenia, as well as form permanent working imitative groups in regions.
  • To conduct a survey to reveal the problems that challenge women of Armenia to take an active part in peace building and decision making processes, to use the survey result for making a possible list of activities aimed at improving the situation.

 Action Plan for 2014 – 2015

Activity planned Timeline
  • To activate the Women in Black Armenia involving more new members from Yerevan and different regions of Armenia.

January 2014-July 2014

  • To study the reasons that deprive the Armenian women of getting involved in peace building processes and decision making

March 2014-August 2014

  • To carry out researches on women involvement level, to find out the reasons for the low level of women involvement and provide suggestions for solutions.


March 2014-January 2015

  • To form an active working initiative  groups in every region


January 2015- February 2015

  • Based on the results of the survey and on the package of suggestions provided to carry out at least 5 events/measures to solve the problems.


March 2015-November 2015

  • To publish a year book  on the basis of the gained information


November 2015-December 2015

  • To organize round tables  on the activities implemented in frames of Women in Black Armenia movement  in  the end of the first and of  the second years

End of 2014


End of 2015

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