WIB Action for the Family “Solve a Conflict, Save the Family”

BLog 1“Women in Black of Armenia” has made a tradition to hold a vigil on December 3 every year, emphasizing   different   problems that women face in   Armenia. The theme for the vigil differs every year depending on the situation of women in   the country. This time women in black of Armenia decided to address the problem of conflict within the family.  The choice fall on this taking into the consideration the fact that women in Armenia are not secure enough in their families as we don’t have a “Law on domestic Violence”. It would be an asset in frames of the fight for the adoption of the “Law on Domestic Violence” in Armenia.

Conflict exists everywhere, including our families. It can lead to a tragedy in family or, how surprising it may sound, can lead to warmer relationship. The secret is the way the family handles the conflict.  Having this in mind Women in Black of Armenia organized a public event entitled “Solve a conflict, save the family” in the frames of 16 days of Activism against Gender Based Violence. During the event we highlighted the importance of conflict resolution as a prerequisite for a strong family. During the event the passers-by could learn about some real cases of domestic violence, the importance of Domestic Violence Law and effective techniques of eliminating violence and solving family conflicts.

blogThe action itself comprised of several couples each of which was in certain state of relationship as in peace, in conflict or in constant fights. Due to the performance it was possible to see things that promote mutual understanding in families or vice verse, thins that could cause conflict. The choice you made defined your future family. This is what the performance showed!

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