March 8 in Vanadzor: women for Valuation of their Rights

449e09ef82feb7030477c749d1c75715What? How can a woman be  a good driver”

“A woman boxer? But it is not a profession for women.”

 “How can a woman be a policeman?”

 “Women and politics have nothing in common.”

 These are only some of the frequent assessments about women choosing professions out of traditional roles imposed by the society.

 The public action in Vanadzor on 8 of March by a group of students had an aim to break the existing stereotypes and to highlight the freedom of choice for women.

 The students of Vanadzor State Pedagogical University had the idea of the action during the two days’ forum by “Society Without Violence” NGO. It intended to highlight the massage that women are free to choose any profession except being a house-wife.

 The participants started their march from the Vanadzor State Pedagogical University in the outfit of chained house-wives leaded by a man. The participants were giving out greeting cards with a notice: “Don’t let the stereotypes limit you. Your profession is your choice…Remember you are strong and beautiful!”

 The “march of house-wives” ended up in the main square of Vanadzor, where they changed their clothing showing up as successful women of different professions.

 The main square manifested also cases of domestic violence with the help of alive statues, which were symbolizing Right and Law as superior to any kind of violence.

 “Society Without Violence” NGO congratulates all the women on the occasion of the women’s month and states once more that the struggle for equality and young women aware of their rights are the best gift for any society.

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