Peace building action in Artik

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“I just imagine the surprised faces of Artik people when they see us”, said one of the girls in Artik before the Public Action on Peace Building. The reason was that people from Artik are not used to see young people walking down the street holding posters, especially if these young people are girls. In the frames of Women in Black movement in Armenia, which has been established in December 2011, more than 20 girls from Artik organized and implemented a Public Action on Peace Building on October 20. They decided to walk from the Northern University to the main square and around the city holding some posters saying “Women for Peace”, “A woman has a huge potential to solve the conflicts”, “To live free and without violence”,” I want to live without fear”. The other expressions they had written in their palms were “We’re free”, “We’re powerful”, “We’re proud!”. The group of these young girls was eagerly trying to change something in the society by establishing peace, to stop the conflicts inside of the families and in the society. When the group got to the main square, they decided to dance the Peace Building dance of Society without violence NGO, which attracted even more people to come and to read the posters. First people were reading everything with curiosity, they were somehow surprised. Some of them were commenting positively (mostly women), some of them were complaining, that anyways, no one can change the conflict situations by doing actions like this. A lady said “This new generation seems to want to change the mentality of the society”.


The event was planned during the Peace Building training, which SWV held 2 weeks ago from the action. The action-plan was suggested from the participants and the responsibilities were distributed then. During the 2 weeks after the trainings the posters were getting prepared for the very day. After the action the young girls were even more inspired to hold another action later. They expressed their desire to participant in further events or trainings organized by SWV.

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  • Andrey says:

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