Official Statement of “Women in Black”, Armenia peacebuilding NGO

We, the representatives of “Women in Black”, Armenia peacebuilding NGO, express our deep concern to the violence committed by the Armenian Police against civilians and protesters: riot police clashed late on Friday with hundreds of people near a police compound in Yerevan occupied by gunmen affiliated with an Armenian opposition group.


On July 17 in the morning the occupation of Grand Patrol Service station by “Sasna Tsrer” group was followed by persecutions of peaceful civilians by police officers in the streets.During these days the police, without providing reasonable suspicion, restricted the exercise of freedom of movement, rights to peaceful assembly of citizens, rights to freedom of expression.

At around 10:30 pm Friday, police in Armenia fired tear gas and stun grenades at hundreds of demonstrators gathered on the cordoned off section of the Khorenatsi street and in the adjacent Sari Tagh neighborhood in support of the “Sasna Tsrer” armed group.

Armenia’s Health Ministry reports that almost 70 people have been hospitalized with different types of injuries including a lot of people with broken a rms and legs, and also a young man named Sayat with a seemingly severe damage to his eye. It subsequently became known that the 16-year-old has lost his eye. Also several underage children (from 2 months to 7 year) have been hospitalized.13876537_729382897201576_1005090205035053184_n

We, the representatives of “Women in Black”, Armenia peacebuilding NGO, called to fight against militarism, violence, injustice, conflict and war, are deeply concerned about the increased violent activities committed by the Armenian Police.   

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