Dancing for the Peace: Public Event By Women in Black Armenia

wib.flash mob.articleAgain July 27 and again another public event by “Society without Violence” NGO… This year also “Society without Violence” NGO celebrated this traditional day by organizing a very interesting and remarkable public event. The square after Charles Aznavour was filled with lovely enthusiasm, and passers-by were following to the last preparatory actions of the upcoming event. At the meantime a group of young people started to dance the peace building flash mob dance just in the center of the square having the aim to highlight the whole importance of peace in our lies and the role of women in achieving the peace.

The performed dance which was entitled “Give peace a chance”  was implemented in frames of the “Women in Black” movement in Armenia formulated by the “Society without Violence” NGO activists. Just for your information, the movement has around 10.000 activists around the world, who are committed to peace and are opposed to injustice, war, militarism and other forms of violence. (https://www.facebook.com/media/set/set=a.494119433997352.1073741865.127312237344742&type=1)

wib.flash mob.article-1Those passers-by who were interested in the action could enjoy the dance performance for several times and to take part in game-test, which would help them to reveal to what extent peaceful they are and what potential they have for conflict resolution. The participants with best results were granted with a little gift in form of the movement logo. By the way, the dancers themselves formed the logo by the dance in the square. Afterwards, the flash mob participants shared information about Women in Black International movement, as well as specifically about the activities of Women in Black of Armenia.

The positive atmosphere was long reigning in the square after Charles Aznavour where songs about peace were continuously being heard, where passers-by were enjoying the young people’s dance, communicating with the participants, taking photos and making the day even more warm and memorable.


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