Together we condemn the police violence against the mothers of deceased soldiers

We strongly condemn the continuous violent acts and inhuman behavior against the mothers of the soldiers that died in non-combat situations while serving our country in the army. We demand immediate measures be taken to eliminate this form of police aggression, avoid similar behavior and that public criminal proceedings be started against those who committed this violence against the mothers of deceased soldiers.


We consider it intolerable that such an atmosphere of impunity has developed where issues like this are settled by violence against the citizens of this democratic country.

We consider it unacceptable the sponsorship and support of violent and illegal actions practiced by the RA Prosecutor’s office and the RA Police against the parents and the “legal” arguments brought against them.


We demand:

The RA Prosecutor’s office and the RA Special Investigation Service

start criminal proceedings against the police officers involved in these incidents.

The RA Police

  • Take all necessary and possible precautionary measures to eliminate such behavior in the future.
  • Publicly apologize to the mothers of the soldiers that died in non-combat situations in the army.


As a reminder

  1. 1.    On May 13, 2015 at approximately 13:45-14:05 five parents of soldiers who died in non-combat situations in the RA army went to the Presidential residence on Baghramyan 26 and approached the security checkpoint located about 10 meters from the main building. The parents did not make noise, did not use a loudspeaker nor did they hinder traffic in the area.
  2. 2.    The parents asked the police officers guarding the Presidential residence to call someone who could inform them when and how they could receive answers to the inquiries they had sent to the President in January of 2015.
  3. 3.    The police officers considered the actions of the parents an illegal protest in a restricted area and demanded that they move to the opposite sidewalk.
  4. 4.    Right after the demand the police officers forcibly seized the deceased soldiers’ mothers and moved them to the other side of the street dragging them across the street. (Watch the video
  5. 5.    It is important to note that the police officers have practiced illegal actions against the mothers of the deceased soldiers before. On February 11, 2015 the police officers in a similar manner forcibly moved the parents of the deceased soldiers from the area of the RA Presidential residence. (
  6. 6.    In a response to the report regarding the incident, the RA Police informed the public that disciplinary punishment was given to two police officers, however the police refused to provide copies of the decrees of the RA Chief of Police on the disciplinary sanctions mentioned. 

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